Tribal Arts

Indigenous masks from Africa, SE Asia, 

and the Himalayas, authentic sculpture,

artifacts from Papua New Guinea, traditional bowls, boxes and tools, copper and iron currency.

Traditional Folk Arts

These simple handcrafted pieces were often made as toys or souvenirs from common or recycled materials. They are disappearing as craftsmen age and contemporary culture passes them by.

Asian Art & Antiques

Antique Chinese and Japanese ceramics,

architectural details, Himalayan Lama altars and Buddhist artifacts, collectable baskets from the Philippines and SE Asia, Japanese Hina dolls and old Asian puppets.

Textiles & Ethnic Adornment

Kuba cloth, Kente cloth, fine Java silk scarves & sarongs, Japanese & African indigo, Miao appliqués, ikat, batik, strip-woven, embroidered and beaded textiles.

Old Tuareg, Thai  & Indian silver, ancient Roman glass, trade beads, amulets, jade & ethnic adornments.

Our Northrup King Annex

Indigo NKB showcases our collection

of Tribal Art and Indigenous  furniture from China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, the Philippines and West Africa.

Call for hours.

 suite 312, 1500 Jackson Street in NE Minneapolis

Books, Expertise & Services

We have over 40 years of expertise in 

appraisals, restoration and archival 

textile mounting. Visit us, or call and 

arrange a consultation.

Hard to find books on all aspects of 

Asian & Tribal arts.